Mailing Address 

           1217 15th Street

            Galena Park, TX 77547

Our Mission

The mission of Environmental Community Advocates of Galena Park (“ECAGP”) is to organize and educate the community about environmental conditions in Galena Park, Texas, and surrounding areas. All activities (past, present, and future) are aimed at raising public awareness around issues of air quality, access to health care, and the built environment for under-served neighborhoods.

ECAGP History

The Environmental Community Advocates of Galena Park (ECAGP) was established in March 2010 after a 2 year-long community planning process.  Dr. Denae King and Dr. Bakeyah Nelson were part of the research team that assisted with the planning process where we identified the three priority issues, air quality, access to health care and the built environment. The mission of the ECAGP is to organize and educate the community about the environmental conditions in Galena Park and surrounding area. The city of Galena Park is approximately 5 square miles. It is located north of the Houston Ship Channel, east of the City of Houston, south of Jacinto City, and west of the tip of Galveston Bay. The community has shifted from being non-Hispanic White to being 81% Hispanic/Latino. The city also has a small African American population (7%) most of whom live in Galena Manor, a subdivision of homes within the City of Galena Park. According to the COVID-19 vulnerability map, Galena Park is at high risk, and we are also at high risk for other disasters, such as hurricanes and industrial facility accidents.

Our main initiatives

1) Increase access to local air quality data: Create a communication system and website to alert residents of elevated pollutant levels and educate them on the causes and impacts of emissions and how to interpret data from air monitors 

2) Improve emergency alert systems: Create a resource for emergency response systems in Galena Park and build awareness in the community of procedures

3) Address the food desert in Galena Park: Increase access to fresh foods and provide education on the benefits of healthy foods